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Snakefarm Records is pleased to announce the signing of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Austin Meade to the roster. Meade and his music sprung up from the Red Dirt music scene, as he deftly fuses country and rock ‘n’ roll in a DNA-distinct way.

Meade will release his label debut Black Sheep on February 19, 2021.
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Praised by the Los Angeles Times as a “forthright truth-teller” in Country music, Eric Church shared earlier this year that new music was coming.

Writing and recording in a rural cabin in North Carolina, the current ACM Entertainer of the Year nominee has had his eagerly-anticipated new single hinted and speculated at throughout recent performances on ACM Presents: Our Country (‘Never Break Heart’), Stagecouch (‘Jenny’) and in a defiant spoken-word recording, ‘Through My Ray Bans’.

With a UK premiere locked for this Thursday, June 25th, on The Country Show with Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2, the new single is titled: ‘Stick That In Your Country Song’.
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Multi-platinum-selling country music star Josh Turner invites fans to join him in scaling what the charismatic performer likes to call his “Mount Rushmore of Country Music” on his outstanding new studio album, COUNTRY STATE OF MIND, scheduled for release August 21st via Snakefarm Records in the UK.

This 12-song collection finds Turner in an enlightened “country state of mind” as he pays homage to a cross-section of classic country music icons, including five legends who have long held a firm place in his musical journey: Randy Travis, John Anderson, Johnny Cash, Vern Gosdin & Hank Williams…
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Dante's Latest Blog

A Few Thoughts From Dante Bonutto

Exciting occurrences down on the (Snake)farm!

Not only have a number of iconic artists & acts been added to the list of those we’re proud to align with for the UK, but I’ve also recently made my first ever trip to Nashville Rock City…

To be honest, this expedition was long overdue, given the amount of connections I now have with this rapidly expanding hub of all things related to music & tech; add to this the direct British Airways flights which now make the trip so much easier (I was able to re-watch ‘Anchorman’ from the comfort of my aisle seat, always a worthwhile experience), and I just kept asking myself why I hadn’t embarked on this important ‘pilgrimage’ sooner. Much sooner. Read more

About Snakefarm Records


Snakefarm Records has been set up to provide a supportive home for artists, both established and new, from the increasingly buoyant roots rock world – music based on authenticity and emotion, under-pinned by a strong musical legacy plus a core set of values and beliefs.

With the barriers between different genres becoming increasingly blurred, the time is right for pre-conceptions to be put to one side and music to be enjoyed purely in terms of quality and its ability to connect; and if it’s guitars that primarily illuminate your life, then the worlds of Southern Rock, Country, Blues, Americana, etc. are perfect areas to explore, being rich with great players (old and new) and often featuring multiple-guitar line-ups. Indeed, it has been said that every true Southern Rock album should close with a track that moves seamlessly into an extended guitar work-out that only comes to a close when the grooves run out (and, yes, the vinyl reference is appropriate here).

Says Snakefarm King Cobra Dante Bonutto:-

“There’s so much great activity in rootsy guitar music right now, and Snakefarm is here to both showcase and celebrate everything that’s going on. As well as working with new artists and acts, including key names from the UK, the label will be re-issuing classic titles and generally seeking to establish itself as the go-to hub for activity within the ‘real music’ domain – a cultural foothold in an area of the market that seems to be expanding at a heady rate, with Nashville (arguably the music world’s most influential city) now representing a worldwide brand.”

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