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The Buckleys are a three-piece sibling band from Byron Bay, Australia. Signing with CM Murphy’s Petrol
Records in 2019, the band earned the prestige of being the only other band on the label with INXS. Under
CM’s wise tutelage, the band has released four singles, all will be included on their debut album. Their first
single, “Daydream,” catapulted the trio into the limelight, scoring a #1 single at Australian Country radio in
2019, followed by the second single, “I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love),” which reached #3 on the same chart. The
Buckleys third single, “Money,” reached #2, and “Breathe,” the band’s most recent single, is currently in the
top 10.
As touring became less and less of a possibility in 2020, The Buckleys partnered with Live Nation for a World
Virtual Tour, resulting in playing for over 4 million new fans around the world. The Buckleys were able to hone
in on and sharpen their performance prowess by playing nearly 20 livestream performances along their Virtual
The Buckleys debut album, Daydream, will be released on September 25th, 2020. Produced by GRAMMY®
winning producer / engineer Chad Carlson, their sound is described as ‘Hippie Country,’ a genre that embodies
the infectious personality and spirited conscience the band maintains. With a melding of Pop, Country,
Americana, and Indie Rock, Daydream is an album filled with all the sun, sparkle and wide-eyed excitement
that these young singer/songwriters embrace with open arms.


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