11th June, 2021

Kylie Morgan released her debut EP Love, Kylie today – listen HERE. Produced by Shane McAnally and Ben Johnson, Love, Kylie is wrapped in charisma and filled with personal stories from the talented Oklahoma native. Kylie co-wrote every song on the EP alongside a talented roster of songwriters including Emily Weisband, Shane McAnally, Geoffrey Warburton, Ben Johnson, and more. Kylie’s honest, down-to-earth style reveals a transparency and vulnerability in the stories she tells.

“This EP is the most personal thing I’ve ever created,” says Kylie of releasing her first collection of songs. “Every song is a chapter in my life, and I can’t wait for you all to listen and help me write the rest of the story.”

On Kylie’s brazen, “I Only Date Cowboys,” Billboard draws comparison to Kylie’s childhood hero, Shania Twain, stating, “The rock-rooted country song’s hook does bear some similarity to “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” but more importantly, it helps Kylie solidify her place as one to watch.”

“‘Break Things’ is written as a warning label,” declares American Songwriter. “It’s an apathetic approach to romance, a liability waiver that does not promise safe-handling of fragile hearts. The punchy single offers a light-hearted, yet deep self-reflection. With equal parts wit and candor, Kylie waves her red flags for all potential suitors to see.”

The EP closes with “Mad I Need You,” a swinging, melodic love song from the perspective of a passionately independent woman who is coming to terms with being in love.

Along with the EP, Kylie released the official music video for the lead track on the EP, “Shoulda,” a heavy up-tempo with a sassy, rapid-fire vocal about the should’ve known betters when dabbling with an ex – watch below.

Love, Kylie Track Listing
1. Shoulda (Kylie Morgan, Shane McAnally, Ben Johnson)
2. I Only Date Cowboys (Kylie Morgan, Nate Kenyon, Jay Allen)
3. Outdoor Voices (Kylie Morgan, Emily Falvey, Benjamin Joel Johnson)
4. Break Things (Kylie Morgan, Aaron Eshuis, James McNair, Nicolette Hayford)
5. Cheating On You (Kylie Morgan, Benjamin Joel Johnson, Geoffrey Warburton, Jeffrey Garrison)
6. Mad I Need You (Kylie Morgan, Nicholas Oliver Ruth, Emily Weisband)